How long is the show?
The show lasts about 90 minutes. As it is a live show, times may vary slightly.

Is there an intermission?
Yes, the break starts after about 45 minutes and lasts about 20 minutes - enough time for a refreshment at the bar ..

When does the theater open for the show?
Usually doors open 30 minutes before the show starts. This can vary a bit depending on the theater.

What music genres are covered in LOLA?
Mainly flamenco, but also latin pop and jazz

In which language are the songs in LOLA performed?
The lyrics are all in Spanish. The most important parts are translated.

Who are the artists in today's performance?
The artists listed on our website make up our permanent ensemble. However, there may be changes in the ensemble at short notice. We hope for your understanding.

Can sound or video recordings be made of the performance ?
For licensing reasons, no image and sound recordings may be made during the performance.