The Flamenco Dance Musical

LOLA tells the uplifting story of a young woman, who leaves Franco’s dictatorship and the economic depression paralyzing Spain, in the 1960’s, to find a better life in Germany.

An irresistible mixture of flamenco, jazz and latin pop makes LOLA a powerful, one-of-a-kind experience – a Flamenco-Dance-Musical.

LOLA is an emotional journey that people everywhere will recognize, one that inspires audiences to take heart and face life’s challenges.

„You cannot always control what happens to you in life. You do, however, have the freedom to decide what you make of it.“
Viktor E. Frankl

The story, the music, the dancing: LOLA is riveting and deeply moving!


On 27.12.2018, LOLA celebrated its debut at the English Theatre Frankfurt. Both the preview performance and the premiere were sold out and got rousing applause and standing ovations from the audience!

Passion, politics, love, poetry, despair and reconciliation - LOLA is an emotionally deeply touching, culturally most relevant  and artistically highly professional piece, which enthralls its audience.

“I am truly impressed! The story is so good because it is not only culturally most relevant, but also offers the audience the potential to identify with the story. Everyone knows the feeling of not being in control of their destiny. And, that is exactly why the story is so touching. LOLA symbolises the energy that is needed to come to terms with life’s challenges.”
Daniel Nicolai, Executive Director “The English Theatre Frankfurt”