María García (Spain) Lola
Founder of the Compañía María García as well as initiator and director of the dance production LOLA. Dance commitments at various international theatres. In addition, founder and director of the Flamenco school, María García, which is based in Frankfurt.

Katerina Oparysheva (Russia) Inge
Founder of the first Tablao Flamenco in Moscow. Cooperated with Javier Gómez, José Ismael Sierra and Guillermo Guillèn, among others. Member of “UNO” ensemble under the artistic direction of Ursula López.

Mariano Bernal (Spain) Fernando
Member and first dancer of the Ballet Nacional de España for many years, collaboration with María Pajés, Antonio Canales and others, and, at the side of Eva Yerbabuena, he has a leading role as solo dancer in her current ensemble.

Ileimn Ceciliano (Mexico) Mariluz
In the selection of the XXV Premio Nacional de Creación Coreográfica Contemporánea Guillermo Arriaga under the direction of Casilda Madrazo. Cooperation with José Antonio Rogríguez in Mexico.

Adi Akiva (Israel) Esperanza
Winner of the competition “Federación de peñas en Málaga”. Commitments in many ensembles around the world. Currently, a dancer in the ensemble “Flamencos en route” on its major tour around Germany.

Melisa Soledad Maciuk (Argentina) Heidi
Won a scholarship to the prestigious "Fundación Cristina Heeren de Arte Flamenco de Sevilla". Invited to the "Concurso Nacional de Arte Flamenco de Ubrique". Performed at many of the the world's most famous tablaos.


Sara Holgado (Spain) Lola‘s voice
Training with the legendary flamenco singers “El Lebrijano”, “Lole Montoya” and “Encarnita Anillo”. International commitments as a flamenco singer. Currently recording for her first album.

Iván Carpio (Spain) Fernando's voice
Already at the age of 12, he was part of the company of Antonio Fernández Farruco. Participation in the concert series “Jovenes Promesas” of the Bienal de Flamenco. Winner of the “Concurso jóvenes flamencos” in Seville. Regular cooperation with “El Carpeta”. Currently, he is accompanying the tour of flamenco pop star Pitingo as a background singer.

Sergio García (Spain), Voice of Lola's late husband
Successful as a composer, producer and singer in Germany and internationally. Composer of the theme song of the Festival de Benidorm (Spain's San Remo) and for the Selección Española de Fútbol (the Spanish national football team), among other musical accomplishments.


David Bermúdez (Spain) Piano and musical director / director of various companies in Europe and Latin America with artists such as Antonio Canales, Javier Latorre and Maria Serrano. Collaboration with musicians such as Rafael Cortés, Jorge Pardo, Carles Benavent and the band Ketama and Pitingo.

Gori Mazo (Spain) Guitar
Internationally sought-after and experienced flamenco guitarist to accompany dance and singing. Collaboration with Antonio Canales, Rocío Márquez, Ursula López and Juan de los Reyes, among others.

Diego Rocha Pozo (Spain) Guitar
Booked as flamenco guitarist at festivals and on stages at home and abroad. Cooperation with Carmen Ledesma, Joaquín Ruíz, Juana Amaya and Mercedes Ruíz, among others.

Lauren Munguía (Cuba) Flute, Saxophone
At the age of 11, she became a member of the National Cuban Children's Symphony Orchestra. Worldwide appearances, among others with Latin Jazz stars such as Nestor Torres, Angel Quintero, Adlan Cruz and the Malaysian pop star Reshmoun.

Javier Téruel (Spain) Percussion
Experienced percussionist in flamenco, jazz, pop and salsa styles. He works with artists such as Lole Montoya, El Negri, Makarines or Alba Molina and can be heard on recordings of Spanish pop stars such as Vanesa Martin, Pastora Soler and David de María.


Ursula López (Spain) is a soloist with Compañía Andaluza de Danza and guest artist with the Ballet Nacional de España, performing at major festivals and theatres worldwide. Her own company has had successes at the Festival de Flamenco de Jerez and the Bienal de Flamenco in Seville. Owner of the school flamencodanza in Seville. In 2019, she was appointed Director of the “Ballet Flamenco de Andalucía”.

Choreography also by María García and Mariano Bernal.